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Startups to Scaleups in San Francisco

       Startups are an important means by which new ideas are brought to life. They are crucial for generating new #jobs and exert competitive pressure on prevailing businesses, which drives improvements in productivity and prosperity. In short, the starting – and scaling – of new ventures is vital for #innovation and #economic #growth.

Keith Cornell spear headed the event with a grand overview of how scaleups form from startups. Looking at the pitfalls that we all try and ignore and using the 4 corner diagram of success. Where we need solid bases in each camp to run a growing and stable company across the 'chasm of death’ startup to scaleup gap.

He was followed by Mike Rogers from the Revenue Group, helps in consulting startups with business development and Mike deals with founders who have graduated from accelerator programs all the time. spends his time also at Sway Ventures and has amazing knowledge from cybersecurity to IoT.

Gobind Singh Khalsa welcomed us into hearing about his current scaleup 480 Holdings with a lively debate from the room on all aspects of his business with plans to bottle and sell premium Fiji natural spring water of bottled drinking water from Fiji. Yaqara’s water source is natural, premium Fiji “spring” water and is harvested from a pure rainforest aquifer. Which has its own unique challenges and opportunities to scale wisely.

Lastly joining us from Front App Luisa Marieth Morales who is currently a Software Developer but has run Innovation Warehouse and advised many other companies. She has worked with startups in London and NYC, helping with business development, marketing and preparing for investment pitches and had lots of sound and practical advise for the audience. @Netsnapper #Events @Meetup #GrowthMindset #Business

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