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Netsnapper Event in the heart of london

[Hot Topic] Transport, AI & IoT

As we know IoT is dominating much of the talks and thinking @London about its real #future in our day to day lives with a forecast of 34BN #devices connected to the internet by 2020, up from 10BN in 2015.

An estimated $6TN with be spent on it over that same time period so we thought it would be great to get some top influencers in the room to discuss their latest projects and give us insight into their predictions.

From being able to transmit information in a 25M wide radius to internet of @Neflix socks it was all happening.

Firstly we had Alex Blakemore #ToBoot (#InMotion) @JaguarLandrover InMotion which is a corporate startup - a business that builds businesses - in the field of future mobility and smart transportation. Where ToBoot is tackling that all time issue of deliveries being a hard ask as most people are at work while the postman/Amazon are doing their best to find a garden shed. But maybe no longer if you can have things delivered to the boot of your car in your driveway or parked at the train station for your commute.

Robert Jones from Netsnapper powered through by using examples of #IoT, #IIoT and on fire hot topic #blockchain for the future of security, big data, IIoT. Describing the IoT #security universe as it is today and how we can remedy this with using Netsnappers solution and bringing insights to the future of a safer way to interact at home, work and in industrial settings. Using IPSec in a pure IPv6 environment with a gateway to IPv4 we can provide end to end security with two factor RSA authentication, VPN split tunneling, SHA-2 encryption and firewalls built into client and server end.

While optimising using lossless bidirectional compression we can accelerate response times in IoT networks while reducing the cost of expensive bandwidth requirements. The Mobility Access Manager (MAM) is an integrated subscriber and policy management engine that uses patented technology to define permissions to groups of users, allow for LAN to LAN or SIM to SIM connections in mesh networks, and provide detailed network and usage statistics tailored for the needs of large IoT networks. While Persistence and Switching on Netsnppers client-server technology securely maintains connections during intermittent connection drops or bearer switches meaning that users do not have to reauthenticate and data transfers resume without restarting.

Darrel Butlin told us all about #Hexology #Beacons in use in the #cities to share creative content to survival in war torn countries for doctors and reduce packs which needs information. Darrel's independent work as a screenwriter, film director and digital film technology entrepreneur has led him to evolve award-winning programs of research and development, attract corporate and VC #investment, to produce a dynamic portfolio of cutting-edge intellectual property. #hexology is an app that enables you to share exclusive #digitalmedia in the physical world this year as their @Kickstarter is around the corner.

We tackled many topics on the panel from #B2B issues and needs, to how IoT is working in #health already to improve services worldwide. We will be adding the #videos to the blog ASAP so you can enjoy the full speaker #event and panel debate.

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